You are at the point where you Are Ready and Willing to Change, let’s accelerate it with KLEARing your energy

Change Your energy, change your World

Coaching on an
Energetic Level

There’s more to life than what you’ve been experiencing…

You’ve done all the life coaching, the meditations, the yoga, the retreats. You journal and pull tarot and have 500 crystals. You KNOW your life’s mission is to help heal the world. To help raise the vibration of the collective.

…and yet you still feel like you are running through muddy water on a daily basis.

You still seem to struggle with everything with no idea why.

BEing Free, Aware and Joyous with
Source Energy is your birthright!

As an empath, you have likely already become aware of just how powerful your magnificent gift is. Imagine how much more powerful it can become when you have the proper support in developing your gifts and transcending the ancestral anchors and life’s traumas that weigh you down using the right energetic tools so that you can use your gift for the Highest Good of All. 

Go from struggling to thriving with amazing, powerful energetic tools that KLEAR™ your energy field in a way that
has been called Practical Magic

Work with Jade

Admit it. You’ve got this incredible inner strength, and deep down, you’ve been on the lookout for someone who can guide you in unlocking it. This someone is far from”Celebrity-Coach” who feels out of reach.

You’re after someone with a different kind of magic. Different from the Hollywood spectacle with superheroes and laser beams.

No, you seek something more genuine—a magic that delves into the wonders of 5D consciousness, connection to Source, and all things wonderfully mystical. It’s the natural magic that can sense when you need a reassuring chat on a rough day. It’s the magic that embraces mistakes, encourages growth, and, above all, fosters self-love.

Jade embodies all of that, and so much more.

Walk-BEside Guidance

What would happen if you had a mentor and coach that totally, 100% GOT you? Like, REAAAAAALLY got you?

You know you are meant to heal, teach, and create. You ARE doing it by just being you…yet you know you can do it in a bigger way making a greater ripple of positive change and awakening.

As a 1:1 mentor and coach, Jade directly guides you through resistance, blocks, traumas, lack of self trust, and what feels like outside forces keeping you from reaching the harmony in your world you know is here for you, and shows you how to Be Seen and Be Heard with the beautiful gift you share with the world.

Group Mentorship

The New World and 5D Timeline are so foreign…and yet extremely familiar. There’s so much to wade through, and the downloads?! It’s like your guides have started using marching bands to inform you! …yet they speak in Latin.
It’s a rough road to go through a Spiritual Awakening. Whether it’s your Saturn Return or another time in your life. You no longer HAVE to figure it out alone.

The Group mentorship – Freedoming 360 gives you access to Jade and all her KLEAR™ tools and so much more, including a supportive journey of powerful collective experience, embracing your inner strength.


Want to have an EPIC leveling up? Do you believe in Fairies? Ever heard a tree sing? Ever seen an alien craft? Do you want to?

No. This isn’t Spring Break with psilocybins (magic mushrooms), Ayahuasca, or any other mind-altering medicine.

Yet 15 strangers all have similar astounding esoteric experiences, awesome awareness and up leveling, and experiences so unique and profoundly powerful to them, it’s life-altering in both subtle and powerful ways.

Come frolic in the Redwoods, spiritual vortexes in mountains, and magical waterfalls with powerful lightbringers.

About Me

Who Is Jade?

Meet Jade Rehder, the visionary behind the transformative method known as KLEAR™!

Jade is specialist in alchemical energy work yet also possesses unique talents as an empathic guide, certified energy coach, shamanic practitioner, and an advanced practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian tradition of Huna La’au Kahea.

Jade’s sacred mission is to guide soulful women who’ve traversed profound life experiences, on a liberating journey from the emotional chains of their past. Through the art of transcending limiting beliefs, discharging trauma, and co-creating the freedom to manifest the life they choose, Jade facilitates a sacred space. In this co-creative realm, she helps these women tap into higher wisdom, embrace intuitive inspiration, and bring forth profound enduring transformations that transcend the boundaries of the conscious mind and ego.

Jade’s spiritual aspiration is to be a compassionate ally in the sacred process of co-creating transformative change. Her intention is to empower women to confidently express their divine essence, feeling both seen and heard in the sacred dance of their own existence. This sacred journey is a path of reclaiming personal power, embracing a life of conscious choice, and transcending the echoes of past experiences. Together, they traverse a spiritual landscape, birthing a future shaped by the whispers of their own souls.

This Offering is Truly Unique

Jade is a conscious channel and the visionary behind KLEAR Alchemy™! With her unique ability to tap into the unseen, Jade brings energy to the forefront, guiding awakened souls and those focused on expanding their consciousness towards higher guidance and intuitive inspiration. Through the power of KLEAR Alchemy™, Jade co-creates profound healing and impactful change that transcends the limitations of the mind and ego. Experience the magic of working with Jade and unlock your true potential.

I didn’t believe it, and it still worked!!!

“Let’s begin at the heart of the matter: there’s nothing like Jade’s KLEAR technique! It has completely changed my life. I’ve struggled with PTSD for years and years, and doing KLEAR helped me heal in ways I truly thought would never be possible. I didn’t believe it, and it still worked!!! … I genuinely recommend Jade as a gifted empath whisperer, guide, and practitioner of the healing arts, I have recommended her to family and friends who have had similar astounding successes…”​​​​​​​

~ Doren D'Amico, Author, Los Angeles, CA

My libido did a Complete 180!

I listened to the exhaustion and stress KLEARs back to back . . . my libido did a complete 180 from low to high!“

~ Nicole S., Accountant, Longmont, CO

I have experienced tremendous shifts in energy and focus…

“I have experienced tremendous shifts in energy and focus… She knows how to get to the core issues hidden deep in the unconscious mind and bring them to the surface.  Jade does this in a loving and supportive way; encouraging you to dig deep & providing you tools you will keep throughout your journey.” 

~ Kristi R., Realtor, Broomfield, CO

Jade Rehder Light Coach