Aloha! I’m Jade Rehder, and I’m here to co-create and support you on your journey of self-realization, spiritual growth, emotional wellness, and creating meaningful relationships. I’ve infused a touch of Hawaiian Aloha spirit into the essence of who I am and what I’m truly passionate about sharing with you through my choice of BEing Aloha.

Embracing Unity in Our Journey with Aloha

An extraordinary life, starts with KLEAR Alchemy™

In the world of coaching and energy work, there exists a distinction in effectiveness and the degree of freedom. With the transcendent power of KLEAR Alchemy, I understand that co-creating freedom from stored emotions and charged memories of past experiences enables you to break free from the past and live the life you desire. I hold a fundamental belief rooted in the spirit of Aloha: we are all interconnected, all part of one beautiful ‘ohana (family). There is no hierarchy here; no one is ahead or behind. We are all interconnected threads in the tapestry of life. The notion of separation, often examined through concepts such as time, space, and varying levels of consciousness, is something we lovingly explore during our time on Earth, Gaia. As your co-creative guide, I offer what I know, yet I am also here to become increasingly aware alongside you.

Connecting in the Journey with Aloha

If these thoughts resonate with you, you’re a kindred seeker of wholistic light and wisdom. I’m thrilled that our paths have crossed in this perfect moment. We’re embarking on a shared journey toward greater awakening to your truth, and hand in hand, we’ll navigate the path of spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and the practice of cultivating meaningful relationships—filled with the spirit of Aloha.

Welcome to the next phase of your journey, where we’ll uncover the magic within us. Together, let’s embrace the essence of Aloha as we progress towards greater spiritual fulfillment, emotional balance, and deeper connections in our lives.

Our Shared Mission to Way Show with Complete Love on the move with a Aloha Twist

As Way Showers, we have chosen to be here remembering we are individual expressions of Original Consciousness, much like the diverse flora and fauna you encounter in the islands. Our shared mission is to expand our own consciousness, ultimately raising the collective consciousness of humanity. Together, we strive to embody and usher in the expansion of consciousness, all while nurturing a sense of peace—just like the tranquility you feel when you watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean and embrace the love within Aloha

Connecting the Journey with Aloha

If what I stand for resonates with you, it means you are also a Star Light BEing, a fellow wayshower here to make a difference in the world. We are ushering in more wisdom, expressing love, and transcending the contractive constructs that limit freedom. I am thrilled that our paths have crossed in this aligned moment. We are on a shared journey toward our greater awakening, and together, we will navigate the path toward spiritual growth, emotional well-being, and the freedom to enjoy life—infused with the spirit of Aloha.

Welcome to the next phase of your journey, where we will uncover the magic within you, and together, embrace the essence of Aloha as we journey towards greater spiritual fulfillment, emotional balance, and deeper connections in life.

"Jade's work has been the best thing that has ever happened to me..."

Outside of the powerful work and healing that Jade has done for me, she is a sheer joy for me to be around. You always feel welcome, loved, and seen by her.

~ Amanda M, Portland Or

"Be prepared for things to be different... And better!"

“Every single time that I have worked with Jade and her KLEAR™ process,  I have seen dramatic shifts that have helped me immensely. I have not only had emotional and spiritual shifts, but I have seen shifts in my physical health and well-being. I would unreservedly recommend Jade and this work to anyone who is interested in real change and improvement in their life. Be prepared for things to be different… And better!” 

~ Dorothea J., Visionary Artist and Author, Mt Shasta, CA

“She is a 'teacher of teachers' and the best of the best in her mastery as a coach.”

“Through working with Jade and her KLEAR method over the past year, I am in a continuous process of releasing patterns from the past that no longer serve me and replacing them with healthy, joyful, expansive, abundant beliefs.  This has completely changed who I am in wonderful ways.  She is a ‘teacher of teachers’ and the best of the best in her mastery as a coach.  She embodies that very rare combination of incredible skill in providing phenomenal results and at the same time her essence is pure compassion, unconditional love, non-judgement, warmth, and light-heartedness.” ​​​​​​​

~ Julianne S., Clinical Nutritionist, Ashland, OR

My Mission

My mission is to guide you on your journey from the constraints of 3D consciousness energies to the elevated realms of 5D and beyond, empowering you to break free from the limitations of human conditioning and embrace your true self. This unlocks your potential to create positive change in the world.

I recognize that many have experienced the restrictions imposed by societal norms and conditioned patterns of behavior, thoughts, and emotions resulting from life’s challenging experiences. You understand the incongruity of these constraints with your authentic self, yet you’ve adapted to fit into the world and stay safe.

My mission is to offer a transformative path for those who have felt different, confused, or out of place. I fully acknowledge the discomfort that arises from possessing spiritual gifts and evolving beyond the confines of human conditioning to embrace what you know to be true. Freedom comes when you allow yourself to embrace the uncomfortable and step into the unknown field of pure potentiality.

I am here to support individuals in recognizing their unique purpose and the abundance of joy, peace, love, and prosperity available to them.

If you do, that’s because you were put on Earth Gaia to do big things. 

The time is now to step up and get KLEAR™ 

Jade Rehder Light Coach