Embark on Your Supported
Transformation with Walk-Beside!

Aloha, I’m Jade, and I’m absolutely thrilled to introduce you to Walk-Beside, where mentorship takes on the adventurous spirit of a forest hike! Imagine mentorship as an exhilarating trail through the woods, with me as your trusty guide.

Unlocking the KLEAR Channel®: A Shared Experience

In a KLEAR session, we engage in a shared experience. I draw upon my experience to tap into the infinite consciousness through the KLEAR Channel®, and you bring your intention and energy to the session. This channel serves as a sacred conduit to the divine source energy, a connection I’ve nurtured since my childhood. Together, through our intentions and my voice, we create a direct portal to higher dimensions.

Harmonizing Your Multidimensional Field: Our Collaborative Effort

As we delve into the KLEAR Channel®, we align with collective higher dimensional energies, including those responsible for the imbalances within your multidimensional field. We co-create this harmonizing experience, working in tandem to transcend old energy patterns, harmonize your field, and awaken new, divine energy within you.

Catalyzing Healing and Awakening:
Our Mutual Journey

Our sessions are a mutual catalyst for profound healing and awakening. Through the KLEAR Channel®, I guide the way, yet your energy and intention are equally vital. Together, we induce vibrational shifts that replace energy on all levels of your being – body, mind, time, and space, transcending the limitations of the physical realm. It’s the art of 7th-dimensional transcendence made tangible through our combined efforts.

Embrace the Light Within: Our Shared Discovery

With each KLEAR session, we uncover the light within you. Your consciousness becomes clear and is reminded of its original Star Light BEing frequency. This alchemical experience is a shared endeavor, as we use high consciousness energies to connect you to your innate Star Light BEing energies and experiences. You’ll feel lighter and also start behaving in alignment with your true self.

Manifesting Your Shifts on Earth Gaia: Our Co-Creation in Action

The shifts you experience in our sessions extend beyond the spiritual realm and manifest in your daily life on Earth Gaia. It’s a co-creative process where our combined efforts bring about profound internal and external transformations. You’ll notice that you feel different and also actively participate in creating positive outcomes aligned with your true self.

Join me, Jade, on this incredible co-created journey of self-discovery, healing, and awakening. Embrace KLEAR, and let’s unlock your spiritual and emotional potential together. It’s time to actively co-create your path to emotional and energetic freedom with KLEAR.

Jade Rehder Light Coach