Magical Adventures

Energy Retreats

We say “retreat” but
it’s really an adventure!

With each KLEAR session, we uncover the light within you. Your consciousness becomes clear and is reminded of its original Star Light BEing frequency. This alchemical experience is a shared endeavor, as we use high consciousness energies to connect you to your innate Star Light BEing energies and experiences. You’ll feel lighter and also start behaving in alignment with your true self.

Map 2 Self

In a KLEAR session, we engage in a shared experience. I draw upon my experience to tap into the infinite consciousness through the KLEAR Channel®, and you bring your intention and energy to the session. This channel serves as a sacred conduit to the divine source energy, a connection I’ve nurtured since my childhood. Together, through our intentions and my voice, we create a direct portal to higher dimensions.

Florence Retreat

As we delve into the KLEAR Channel®, we align with collective higher dimensional energies, including those responsible for the imbalances within your multidimensional field. We co-create this harmonizing experience, working in tandem to transcend old energy patterns, harmonize your field, and awaken new, divine energy within you.

Jade Rehder Light Coach