Embody Your Expanded Light


Jade Rehder Light Coach


Join Map To Self guide, Jade Rehder, for 5 days of connection
to your Sol/Light Embodiment, 3rd Eye Expansion, Fun, and Joy!

It’s more than a retreat

It’s an Experience.

We all have ups and downs yet if it goes beyond a short time the negativity can become repetitive and repeat. Bringing your vibration and quality of life down.

Moving into a State of BEing connected that flows from your heart expanding the pure Love vibration in your body allows you to feel safe.

During the powerful Lion’s Gate, we will connect to the Star Sirius with it’s royal energy that powers up your individual sovereignty. Huge activation energies of awakening happen every year. Sirius is always working with us to expand and realize, and all are supported with the star Sirius being at its closest to Earth for the year.

This time is a new cycle of creativity of Sirius and the Leo energies. Energies of this time activate new awareness, openings, codes of knowledge, and connection to your cosmic home, and big connections to the Egyptian energies connect to Sirius are flowing too. With expanded opening to your multidimensional self and awareness are easily accessible in this window of energy.

It’s time to put yourself in the equation of your life! You matter and taking time to spend increasing your awareness and experience of the connection with your expansion of consciousness is key to accelerating your awareness and embodiment of Your True Self Essence.

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Your Self Essence

Feeling that connection in your body allows you to feel grounded during all types of life experiences big and small. You will have the body awareness of your sovereignty and have the energy practice to use daily.


Disconnected from your sovereign light?

Here are some of the signs …

  • Do you feel emotionally numb and lose interest in people and situations around you?
  • Did your hope or expectations for a better life disappear?
  • Do you feel empty inside?
  • Are you having a difficult time deciding what you want?
  • Do you lack ambition and feel lethargic?
  • Are you drowning in monetary pleasures (alcohol, over eating, or drugs) to relieve stress?
  • Does your mental and physical energy become depleted quickly?

It all begins August 7, 2021

What happens in the Vortex of Light

Leave with an experience of the bigger you and a practice to enjoy the journey of expressing more and more you!!!!

For three days we’ll have:

Group meditations

⭐  KLEAR™ channel experiences 

⭐  Discussions and sharing of your experiences

⭐  Adventures out to the mountain, waterfalls, lakes, & hikes

⭐  Night adventure to play with the Star brothers and sisters

⭐  Activations

⭐  Transmissions

⭐  Creative supplies 

⭐  Pre-retreat audio transmissions to assist in getting ready

⭐  Group Hawaiian Ho’omanaloa energy session

⭐  Surprises 

⭐  Me as your magical tour guide and tender off the magical vortex on Mt Shasta


We will also do a post-experience check-in a week after the retreat via Zoom.

In-Person Energy Support

We will do the majority of our retreat experiences outside on the land to allow the transmissions of Light to flow through with ease. 


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Who is this for?

This is an experiential journey of inner awareness, personal expansion, release, experience, adventure, embodiment, self-realization, and conscious evolution.

Who Is Jade?

Hi! I’m Jade Rehder, the founder of  the 7th dimensional and beyond transcendence modality: KLEAR™!

I am an elemental alchemist, empath whisperer, certified energy coach, shamanic practitioner, and an advanced practitioner of the ancient Hawaiian practice huna la’au kahea.

I support awakened empathic souls and Star Light BEings in accessing higher guidance, receiving intuitive inspiration, transcending limitations, and making changes at the causal level that is beyond the access of mind and ego.

…and I am a MASTER at uncovering magic within others and creating a container of possibility and yumminess.

Jade Rehder Light Coach